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The Suite Life

The world feels like it is still settling into a refresh pattern.  Workplace expectations are vastly different from the beginning of 2020. Industry outlook was extremely focused on the momentum of big open floorplans, heavily leaning towards co-working spaces. Every business, from the start-ups to the Fortune 500 Companies were focused on creating a platform for networking within the infrastructure and promoting a lifestyle of “Eat, Play, Work”. Without warning, Covid morphed into a pandemic and flipped the workplace paradigm upside down.

In our article, “Co-Working Trends for post Covid-19”, we spoke about the transition from solely remote working into a blend of the home office and the Virtual Service options. We discussed many of the questions swirling around within the industry, and those thoughts lead to the ultimate question:

“Do we even need a large traditional office anymore?”

For many, that answer is an empathetically YES; I do need an office but just not so large! What are your options when the home office is just not cutting it anymore, or the huge commercial office lease is no longer part of your business future and need?

An Executive Office Suite is the obvious and surprisingly, the most economical solution you may not have explored prior to COVID-19.

What is an Executive Suite?

An executive suite offers smaller private office space with shared amenities such as lobbies, reception areas, concierge personnel, and equipped conference rooms. Leases typically run on an annual basis, but there is always flexibility for shorter terms when needed.

Cost – The cost is much less expensive than that of larger commercial space for many reasons.   Base rent includes all the expenses in one bulk fee, verses paying for all essentials services independently on top of your base rate.  Common areas come equipped with office equipment necessary to run your business.

Administrative Support – One of the most valued amenities in the true executive office suite, is the assistance provided by the administrative team.  This can include a fully trained office management team and professional concierge to greet you and your clients daily, forwards calls, receive packages, and distribute mail. This amenity alone can save you hours of busy work each week and keep one less employee off your own business payroll. 

Professional Image – One of the most important aspects of owning a business is the ability to develop and maintain a knowledgeable and professional image no matter what may be going in the market. With executive offices, you do not have to worry about maintaining the building or client perceptions, because this is handled by office personnel.

Networking – In an executive workplace environment, you will neighbor with other like-minded professionals. By having this type of community, many tenants form relationships and establish connections that promote partnerships, referrals, and business opportunities.

Location, Location – This is ideal for securing a prestigious office address without spending a fortune in full overhead costs. Less money spent on a prime real estate location, that is convenient and safe for you and your clients, equals more money to invest in your business and marketing.

Opportunity for Expansion – Executive suites provide different floor plans that often range from 100-1800 sq. ft., depending on how much space you need. So, whenever your business is ready to expand, you can conveniently grow into a larger space or even lease an adjoining suite, should it become available

At Lux Offices, we pride ourselves in the white glove treatment and turnkey style of our offices for our tenants and their clients alike. We strongly believe each interaction between your client and our Lux staff should feel as if we were personally hired and trained by you. We feel we have been successful when your client assumes you own the entire office space!  Our belief is that we can enhance your business culture with our Lux brand.  We will deliver professionalism in every interaction. When you client walks in our glass doors, they should feel as though they are your VIP client!

Lux Offices is the Goldilocks of the industry… we are not too little or too egotistical in our approach. 

We will customize and provide services for your individual business needs.

Book your tour with Lux Offices today! We look forward to the opportunity to know and serve you!

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