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Executive Offices

Work in style and luxury while having the freedom to run your own private company. We offer ideally situated, boutique hotel styled luxurious office suites that offer you the ability to be up and running in hours.

Commercial Offices

Avoid wasting your energy, time and money with architects, builders and designers. We have already done everything for you. For the small to mid-sized company we have the perfect commercial office alternative.

Virtual Offices

Work from home with a professional address, meeting room and a receptionist and more. Impress your clients, employees and business associates alike with your professional meeting and conference rooms.
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Avondale 623-512-4900 | Scottsdale 480-265-4515

Lux Offices LLC offers the unexpected executive suite experience, coupled with stunning service and luxurious quality standards to make this unique office space a gem among others. Representing the very best of what Arizona has to offer, Lux Offices LLC delivers an artful blend of hand-crafted design, seamlessly intuitive service and personalized comfort. Be smart and avoid spending time, energy and resources on a traditional office lease.​ Lux Offices LLC offers exceptional executive office, commercial, virtual, training and conference accommodations that balance modern comforts with a luxurious setting in both Avondale and Scottsdale.
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