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5635 N Scottsdale Rd Suite 170
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

The Physical Office Space for Attorneys

30 days to 3-year leases from $700 – $4500

Location, Location, Location…not all are created equal.

Not all executive office locations are the same. The physical location of your office is of equal importance to the layout and amenities provided.

  • How convenient is the location for your clientele?
  • Is the office on a single level or do your clients need to park in a parking structure, then get into an elevator with multiple strangers only to wind down various corridors in search of your office while carrying a suitcase of documents?
  • How far is it from your residence? Will you be stuck in traffic or are there various ways to get to the courthouse and home after a mentally demanding day?

Amenities are provided for you and your clients

How many photocopies do you make a day? Need to scan a client file for electronic storage? What is the cost to lease and maintain your copier and other office equipment that breaks from normal use? You will not have to pay for repairs of any equipment, including the coffeemaker!


Office space is not inexpensive. A private office with four walls and a door can cost several thousand dollars each month. Lux Offices is all inclusive. You do not need to budget for the fluctuating costs of utilities, internet, taxes, janitorial or supplies. You no longer need to worry about hiring and training a professional staff to greet your clients, with a smile, in person or on the phone. We have done that for you.


Lux Offices does not offer co-working spaces filled with long tables and random desks to be claimed on a first come-first serv basis. Our physical offices are dedicated, individual offices of all sizes, configurations and shapes.

The Next Step?

Make a list of all executive suite locations to be considered and check them out online first to eliminate any obvious mismatches. Next, set up a tour with us to confirm the location, our culture, brand and hospitality. Your practice will soon reap the rewards of your new home. Book a tour now!