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Co-Working Trends For 2020 post Covid-19


As we return to a workforce that looks quite different than the one we stepped out of earlier this year much is being reevaluated. With good reason, numerous questions are swirling around as we transition back into everyday life. The topics most often heard:

  • What ways are we adapting our business to the customer base; safety, social distancing, the day to day conduction of business?
  • How are we absorbing the unexpected costs with these new changes?
  • Is my business in need of infrastructure revamping?

Those questions lead to the bigger question:

“Do we even need a large traditional office anymore?”

After weeks of being at home, adjusting to working remotely, many are asking if they even want to return to their traditional commercial office. Often a flexible, less-traditional environment is more suitable and in today’s world perhaps more desired. Below are the sought-after advantages of having flexible office space, better known as a Virtual Offices.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a flexible workspace option that provides individuals with a combination of amenities. These include, but are not limited to meeting/conference rooms, receptionist services, and professional mailbox services with or without a private mailbox. By not having traditional office space in a brick-and-mortar establishment your expenses are a fraction of the cost. The greatest feature of Virtual Offices is the ease of instantly establishing your business creditably in NEW markets!

Corporate Mailing Address

The flexible workspace industry understands the importance and value to their clients of outward facing amenities. One of the prime benefits of having a physical office is the respected professional business address that comes with it. The need to establish, or in this case, maintain yourself with your clients within your industry is paramount! Rest assured you will not lose the professional business address and get stuck with a P.O. Box address when you transition into a Virtual Office. Many virtual office companies offer mailboxes with package handling services, including but not limited to; mail scanning, mail forwarding, and even a convenient drop off/pick up lobby service for you and your clients. You can now maintain the prestigious business address in a money-generating zip code for a fraction of the cost!

Cost Effective

By nature, Virtual Office leases are more flexible and cost-effective with conveniently packaged memberships. Virtual membership terms can range from month-to-month, to longer and more traditional lease terms. A virtual office is a financially secure alternative to office space. Now more than ever, bottom-line mindset is imperative to the health of your business and its ability to withstand and conquer the current market.

Professional Environment

Working from home may sound like a dream, but the home office environment can come with its own set of challenges. Having a separate space away from home can help you split up your working life from your personal life. An article from Microsoft shows that a large percentage of remote workers reported “unplugging” after work as one of their main difficulties. What better way to separate home life from work life then by having a virtual office membership which includes a “day office” option? This will allow you to disconnect once the day’s work has been completed by offering a productive separate working environment when you need it.

Often home offices become subjective to the disruptions of everyday life. While dog and children interruptions make funny, and all too relatable viral videos, no one genuinely wants to experience that firsthand during their important Zoom meeting! Furthermore, the alternative solution of your local coffee shop is yet another uncontrollable environment hindering your professional image. Your time spent on meeting prep and landing the Client, deserves the commanding respect a proper meeting room gives.

Use When You Need

Your needs for physical office space ebb and flow based on market trends, Quarters, and in the case of Arizona businesses, with the heat index! With virtual offices, you have the freedom to schedule conference rooms and use services as you need them, verses being locked into a fixed lease with no flexibility. Virtual offices allow you to maintain a high level of business branding for just a sliver of the price in comparison to traditional office leases.

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